Following a modest career in the field of architecture and construction I turned to painting in 1988. I pursued a path of expression and imagination adhering to the advice and guidance from my doctor while healing from a tragic accident that left me restricted to a wheelchair for six months.

As time progressed I developed a personal style incorporating culture, myths, art history, philosophy, and literature into my surreal paintings establishing a poetic narrative.

I strive to represent and communicate to the viewer an imaginative rendition of our state of being (history, memory and dreams) and to provide many avenues of interpretation through my lens as an artist.

My works reflect many influences from artists in the past: Rembrandt Rousseau, Magritte, Rodin and others. On occasion I will place an iconic figure from a Rodin sculpture or a¬†Rembrandt¬†painting into my allegories, importing the past to a contemporary expression thus inspiring one’s perspective amid an exploration and experience of life’s journey and sensuous moments.